A description of the guy two doors down from me

The way they did it musically was very cool, and really different, that's why I like it so much. Simmons and his wife, Kimora Lee, will host the holiday fete for kids from various youth organizations. Now that Coldplay's Chris Martin and actress Gwyneth Paltrow have confirmed their pregnancy, wedding watchers are starting to speculate that the couple are planning to marry — if they haven't secretly wed already.

A description of the guy two doors down from me

Fridge Brilliance The entire game is narrated both from Junpei's point of view and in third person.

A description of the guy two doors down from me

As it turn out, it's Past! Akane looking through Junpei's eyes. This gives some of the bottom screen's exposition dialogue new context: The narrator gives odd descriptions of corpses such as comparing them to a macabre crab with pizza dough spilling out.

Those descriptions are actually being made by past Akane; how else would a 12 year old describe a corpse with such limited vocabulary?

The narration sometimes briefly breaks third person before the major Wham Line: The narration then says "Huh. Did I leave that open? In-game, this line has no quotation marks, meaning that this is past Akane, while looking into Junpei's recollection of his kidnapping, wondering if her future self left the window open when she entered the apartment to capture Junpei and set up the future Nonary Game.

The narrator gets cut off when in the Safe ending, Ace draws his gun and puts it to Lotus's head. Past Akane can't keep up with things happening extremely quickly. Also, certain conversations, such as Santa talking about Cradle and Soporil, and Seven's past as a cop, we don't see them telling Junpei, instead the story is told to the player directly.

Because Akane already knows. The very last puzzle has the player turn the DS upside-down, reflecting that for the first time, Junpei is solving the puzzle and sending the answer to Akane, which is the opposite of you've been doing up until that point.

In the Shower room where you find Snake's supposed body, Santa talks about how the human body dies at 75 degrees Centigrade after examining the thermostat.

A description of the guy two doors down from me

He says a human body could only get that hot if it was in a sauna too long or And then he gets all pissy, because Junpei dismissed that as random trivia and hardly even noticed that Santa's mood withered as he talked about that. As in, here is one of the people responsible for this whole game, doing what he's doing no matter how cruel it is for all of them, in order to maintain his sister in a Stable Time Loopopening his heart and baring himself in a moment of weakness because of what does the facts about thermal effects on a human body represent to himself and his suffering Aaaaaand his sister's crush doesn't even pay attention.

When Santa finds the perfect Panty Shot angle in room 6, why does he tell Junpei to go get Clover, when June is actually in the room with them? Turns out June is his sister, and the two of them orchestrated the whole game. The "Previews" from the main menu.

Why give the option to rewatch what is essentially a game trailer? They show you which doors need to be taken in order to unlock the True Ending. Subverted with one showing a shot of Lotus at the computer with dark eyes, as it may be hinting the doors not to go through 4 and 8 or she'll get angry at a remark, so you can't get the Safe Ending.

Take a closer look at the 'Memories of Escape' option. They're listed in this order: In the knife ending, Junpei finds Lotus stabbed in a corridor, to only be stabbed himself shortly after.

Junpei is unable to recognize his killer due to being practically dead from blood loss, despite seeing him leave. It turns out that it might be a subtle hint about his killer, even if only slightly.

Of course, that might just be thinking too much into it. In the Axe Ending, Ace tells Lotus that he wants to show her something. In Door 6, Ace estimates about four engines of this size would power the ship. Ace has been on the Gigantic before and its owner, and recognizes the surroundings, He would naturally know the design.

In the Second-Class Cabin, on the subject of the Titanic, June believes Stead telepathically saw images of his own future, namely his experience on the Titanic. A less subtle hint about Akane's own state though she saw it through Junpei's eyes. Throughout the game, Akane continues to insist that they can find a way to end the game with everyone alive, which seems to serve to highlight her naive and optimistic nature.

At the end of the True Ending, we find out that she knows how the game works, and that it's designed for everyone to escape alive.The Cabinet Vision Guy. likes · 2 talking about this. Helping people to utilize Cabinet Vision as best they can. of course, a little more work involved with getting the engineering down to make sure that we can hold whatever oven we need.

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