An argument in facor of tongue piercing

Sadly, not many will put much thought into what comes after they get their piercing. Any piercing is going to require some aftercare to prevent infections. With a tongue piercing, however, this is especially true.

An argument in facor of tongue piercing

I listen to MLB radio at night and to a few broadcasts during the day: White Horse Inn, Issues, etc. On this particular program, Medved was seeking to stir up his audience with outrage over the currently popular trend of tongue-piercing. No other kinds of piercing came in for his review, which I found quite odd.

His interest was created by articles in journals of dentistry describing the various terrible results that can come from tongue piercing: Medved regaled the audience with lurid quotes of the nastiness and pain of tongue piercing, assured us there was much worse to be read that he was avoiding, and capped it all with his best version of being stunned at a source telling him that I find that statistic to be quite suspect, and would advise anyone to be cautious about believing it.

An argument in facor of tongue piercing

When Medved opened up the phones, however, he was greeted with a long line of callers An argument in facor of tongue piercing tongue piercings who all, like good libertarian conservatives, wanted Brother Medved to know that it was their body, and they could do with it whatever they wanted to.

Further, they asked him to furnish them with some higher priniciple that could somehow prove that their tongue piercing was wrong. Medved was taken aback by this, and responded to various callers with the following logical gems.

At the center of the Christian wordview is the glory of God. God is most glorified when we are satisfied with all that he is for us in Christ.


Jesus reveals God, and he reveals the truth about all of us. The image of God in which we were created is perfectly filled and fulfilled in Jesus. Christians are bringing every thought- and every subject- into captivity to the Lord Jesus Christ.

In considering a sub-culture such as piercing and tattoos, a Christian would not look at the phenomenon primarily in terms of rules and regulations of a spiritual nature. Callers defended the practice as individualism, a generational ritual and a desire for rebellion against the mundane.

One can probably anticipate that the search for the authentic among current fashion of self-mutilations is a quixotic quest, but I believe the caller was telling the truth. The quest is not wrong, but the end of the quest is not going to be found in a fashion, a trend, a possession, or anything else on the grocery list of modern culture.

What I can imagine is Jesus asking the tongue and body piercer to talk about the meaning of the ritual, and the meaning it gives to his or her life. As a result of that conversation, I can imagine other conversations that go to the heart of the things that we do.

I do not imagine an autopsy of the nature of various sins, but I can imagine a discussion of the ontology of Sin itself, and our quest as a race, and as individuals, to find meaning in the tribal, the material, the daring, the existential, the extreme and the provocative.

Responding to a confession of a hunger for the authentic, Jesus would have much to say. Jesus would offer to them the friendship, acceptance and approval of God in the Gospel. The tongue piercing makes no difference at all. The bad decisions, the lack of good information about hygiene, the juvenile motivations…none of it matters at all in the banquet at the center of the universe.

God COMMANDS us to find the tongue-pierced, with all their real and faux feelings of exclusion, individuality and authenticity, and to give them the very best seats in the house. Culture warriors are increasingly complaining about a catalog of issues among young adults that they find annoying, immature and shallow.

Is this kind of interaction with culture really helpful to the cause of the Gospel? We are about to be overwhelmed with a collection of subcultures taking root in the American middle class. Our approach and welcome must connect with Jesus, and not the paternalistic, hypocritical selective outrage of the culture warrior class.When Medved opened up the phones, however, he was greeted with a long line of callers with tongue piercings who all, like good libertarian conservatives, wanted Brother Medved to know that it was their body, and they could do with it whatever they wanted to.

Piercings make you feel in control of your body, and the way that it looks. It allows you to be your own person. Cons of Tongue Piercings. Risk of Infection Due to the fact that tongue piercings are in the mouth, the healing process is much different from other piercings.

Your tongue comes into contact with many foreign substances, like food and drinks. こんにちは. すずです. 今日は、皆さまに嬉しいニュースがあります. それは 、当ホテルのロビーでソフトバンクWi-Fi(ワイファイ)が使えるようになった事です. But doctors are starting to see more of body piercing’s disadvantages: oral piercings are causing swollen tongues, excessive bleeding, infection and swallowing of small jewelry parts.

In fact, infections from moist or unclean piercing sites now occur in about one out of every five piercings. Comments 1.

Under Tongue Piercing Pain

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