Bus 303 quiz 1

Give examples to backup your point of view. In to words, conduct a basic SWOT analysis of an organization or department to which you belong.

Bus 303 quiz 1

Many of the lessons principals have learned the hard way are lessons taught by the parents of their students. One principal, who asked not to be identified in this article, recently recalled a valuable lesson he learned about parent involvement.

School policy called for students to line up outdoors, by class, at the start of the school day. As time went on, the area outside the school doors was becoming more and more congested and difficult to manage. Parents would stand in line with kids. Strollers would clog movement in the area.

Parents would engage in discussion with the teacher on duty, which made it difficult for teachers to watch students The teachers saw a growing problem, so they approached the principal about setting aside an area away from the class lines where parents and chaperones could gather when it was time to line up.

It was a place where parents could congregate and chat without disrupting the line-up routines and entry to the building. I was satisfied that we had a quick and easy fix to a problem that concerned the staff.

Others looked at the box as a penalty box.

Bus 303 quiz 1

He listened to their concerns. They felt they could police themselves; they could move to one side or the other so they were not in the way. Instead, kids enter the building as soon as they arrive at school and proceed directly to class. But before initiating that plan, "I conferred with everyone," he added.

Most of the Arab students live near the local mosque and, therefore, come to school on the same bus. Wanting to handle the situation before it got out of control, Boyadjian gathered all the students in the gym before class.

Many people will judge you by your actions, she said. A few minutes later the students were back in their classes and Boyadjian went back to her office, satisfied that she had made her point and hopeful that the situation was under control.

But, as things turned out, Boyadjian's early morning lesson was just the start. And it went on from there. I had a multitude of phone calls and irate parents wanting to see me. They even sent a representative from the mosque to talk to me.

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Even though her spur-of-the-moment lesson came back to haunt her, Boyadjian said she would not handle the situation any differently if it happened again.

It's not an easy thing. I did not cower from the bus situation. Instead, I tried to use it as a teachable moment. I have all my notes together.

I have my vice principal there as well.Assignment Task a Assignment Principles of diversity, equality and inclusion in adult social care settings Ai Diversity It is the understanding that each individual. BUS Week 4 Quiz purchase ashio-midori.com Product Description 1.

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