Business plan sources of advice column

But before you put pen to paper, there are a few vital exercises you need to go through to ensure your business idea is a viable one. Research The business you plan to start might be in an industry you have some experience in or it might be totally new to you, either way you need to do in-depth research into the industry and market to make sure you fully understand how it operates. Your research should include: Understanding the dynamics and forces affecting the industry The preferences and characteristics of your target market Insight into how many competitors are already operating and the quality of their product or service Finding out who you could partner with to start the business How your product or service will be created and delivered How it is different from those that already exist, and identifying a profit and operating model for the business.

Business plan sources of advice column

By William Dunkerley "No, I won't mess with video content. It's not in my job description, and besides, I don't know much about video. This hypothetical clash is just one of the many possible areas of conflict as editorial organizations adapt to the ever-evolving landscape in publishing today.

It points out a new wrinkle in the writing of editorial job descriptions.

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The Current State of Editorial Job Descriptions A main function of a job description is to avoid misunderstandings, keep staff members focused on objectives, and provide a basis for periodic performance assessments. The idea is to keep everyone on the same page. But what to do if the page keeps turning as a result of external market forces and evolving reading habits?

In my experience, the job descriptions in many editorial organizations have sometimes been inadequate. Often a job description is written as an aid in recruiting a new staff member. Here is one such list of responsibilities that I found online for an open editorial position: That's a very comprehensive list and will likely serve well to give prospective candidates insight into the job they are about to apply for.

But as a working job description for an on-the-job editor the list lacks some essential elements. Writing Better Job Descriptions Two elements that are missing: Those elements will tell the new editor exactly what latitude he or she has in carrying out the responsibilities and will provide explicit guidance on what must be achieved in order to receive a positive evaluation.

Overall this kind of job description will help keep the editor and his or her superior on the same page and avoid misunderstandings. It's a good formula to use when the publishing environment is relatively static. Accounting for Frequent Change But what about today, when our profession and industry is in a state of flux?

Under current circumstances it has become necessary for job descriptions to account for an element of change. Orchestrating change is tricky business. If not handled carefully, efforts to institute new changes can backfire.

business plan sources of advice column

A significant obstacle is often staff resistance, a leading cause of failure when making changes in any area of business. People usually respond to imposed change with resistance. Typically resistance comes when staffers fear loss -- things like job, income, status, future opportunities, perks, reputation, influence, responsibility, autonomy, relationships, familiar routines, and security.

That's why change imposed from above can be very problematic. It is far better to use leadership techniques to create a shared vision of what needs to be changed. That can be aided by adding something to the job description. Give the editor the responsibility of monitoring trends and making recommendations for adjusting strategies, capabilities, and work routines in response to emergent trends.

Often people at the working level are in closer touch with how things are evolving than are executives at a higher level.Additional elements of surprise you can use to capture reader interest. By Peter P.

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Jacobi "Intensity" is the element of surprise that I concluded with last month. Passion to Profits: Business Success for New Entrepreneurs [Rhonda Abrams, Alice LaPlante] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Engineers, musicians, psychologists, culinary students—in just about every field, sooner or later it's likely someone will start a business.

This major new book is the first to teach the fundamentals of entrepreneurship regardless of the industry. The Powell Memo was first published August 23, Introduction. In , Lewis Powell, then a corporate lawyer and member of the boards of 11 corporations, wrote a memo to his friend Eugene Sydnor, Jr., the Director of the U.S.

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Chamber of Commerce. While a business plan doesn’t automatically guarantee success, it does assist an entrepreneur to avoid many of the common causes of business failure, including undercapitalisation or . Tools for Decision Analysis: Analysis of Risky Decisions. If you will begin with certainties, you shall end in doubts, but if you will content to begin with doubts, you shall end in almost certainties.

A business plan writing expert weighs in what to include and what not to include to create a winning business plan.

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