Companies and the management of diversity in the workforce

One Size does not fit all in performance management if you want to maintain a productive diverse workforce. Either employees get lots of attention because they are non-performers and in need of performance improvement plans or because they are identified as having high potential for career growth. Those in the middle, the majority, tend to receive little to no attention. If your company desires to either move many of the minority employees from the belly of the curve to the high performance end or from low to acceptable performance, differences in managing their performance may be worth considering.

Companies and the management of diversity in the workforce

Print Share this page Company Culture and Workforce Diversity At Oil States, we cultivate a culture that focuses on core values and embrace diversity as a key business strategy. The diversity of our work force gives us a competitive global advantage.

It allows us to better understand and communicate with diverse consumers. Our strong focus on innovation necessitates an equally strong focus on diversity.

We believe, as studies indicate, that diverse teams create more and better solutions.

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Diversity helps us stay ahead of our competitors through growth and innovation. The diversity of our work force encompasses a mixture of differences and similarities that include gender, age, race, nationality, education, religion, working style, expertise and a wide array of other characteristics and backgrounds that make each person unique.

We strive to not only accept and be comfortable with individual differences, but to leverage those unique capabilities and perspectives to help us fuel our growth. The culture of our company focuses on core values. Here are some of the common traits that reflect our values and make this a great company: Recognizing that our employees are our greatest asset.

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A sense of urgency and purpose in meeting customer expectations. A source of innovation encouraged by career development and utilization of technology. Ethical behavior- doing the right things in compliance with the law and policy. Teamwork- working with others towards a common goal.

Striving for safety- achieving the common goal of our employees, their families, and our customers by providing a safe environment to work in and to visit. High standards of consistently providing a quality product as well as quality service for both internal and external customers.

Companies and the management of diversity in the workforce

Communications - fair minded, open, and honest. Mutual respect - treating others the way we want to be treated.

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Valuing the input of others. Being considerate of the environment and of our communities. The importance of work-life balance. Striving for excellence and improving personal performance.Many workplaces today reflect the exceptional diversity of the United States.

Proud of their workforce diversity, companies highlight it on annual report covers and in recruitment and marketing materials. Nov 20,  · STEM Workforce Diversity Magazine, Top 50 Employer List, No Diversity MBA, 50 Out Front Companies for Diverse & Women Managers, No.3 Minority Engineer Magazine, Top 50 Employers, No.

9. Develop a hiring strategy to make your workforce resemble the community you operate in.

Companies and the management of diversity in the workforce

Ask existing employees for referrals. Talk to community organizations to help find candidates. Provide diversity training in your workplace. Promoting workplace diversity has many bottom line benefits. But you.

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Diversity is an empty word in much of corporate America. Many companies invest in diversity efforts and appoint chief diversity officers, yet are disappointed with the meager results. An analysis of diversity management programs used by fourteen companies cited for diversity found a suite of practices used by nearly all of them.

Using a benchmarking assessment, this study analyzed the diversity management programs from a sample of hospitality and customer service organizations that were named by Diversity Inc. to be top companies for diversity. Workforce planning is the ongoing balancing act that ensures the right individuals with the right skills at right place at the right time, to meet a organization’s current .

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