Effects of instructional material on academic performace of students

March 31, ; Accepted: June 17, ; Published: Nowadays, nations all over the world including Nigeria are striving hard to develop technologically and scientifically, since the world is turning scientific and all proper functioning of lives depend greatly on science.

Effects of instructional material on academic performace of students

Thus, once a child learns what he has been taught teaching is said to have taken place. The careful selection and orderly arrangement of the various elements of the curriculum materials and the various ways or the general pattern of approach in which they are introduced to the learner constitutes the instructional process.

The idea of adopting and using materials and equipments to enhance effectiveness in the instructional process is as old as mankind. The wise teacher will always use equipments or aids in form of instructional materials to help the learners understand and learn better.

This, he does alongside an appropriate method of instruction. Udeh as cited in Olumbaemphasized that, the Greek mathematics had diagrams drawn on sand and Jesus Christ who was one of the greatest teacher made continued use of materials and illustrations during the course of his teachings.

He added that, his special reference was to what they could see, touch, manipulated etc to drive home his message.


Ukwueze cited that, the use of instructional materials and methods is still being practical in our traditional society. This, he cited that traditional mothers not only teach their daughters the methods of cooking food but also the ingredients materials to be used in cooking activity and teaching an enterprising venture, Awonji affirms that, the use of instructional materials and good strategies in teaching and learning environment is very important as they make lesson experiences more concrete and realistic in learners.

He added that, if instructional materials and effective methods were used in our traditional society to aid teaching and learning especially social studies, then one can deduced that our present form and provisions of education which instructional materials are almost an abstract subject.

Most often teaching especially in social studies is done with inadequate instructional materials which will result in learners not understanding the lessons taught and if the lesson is not understood, it leads to a qualitative failure in examination.

From the above, one can gather that, the use of instructional materials coupled with adequate and effective methods in the teaching of social studies in the learning situation is very crucial.

Ike referred that, instructional materials are device which present a complete body of information and are largely self supporting rather than supplementary in teaching or learning process.

They are information carrying technologies that are used for instructional purpose with the hope of delivering educational information very quickly and very vividly too.

This implies that, makers of instructional materials should make sure. That they are prepared in a way that they will be real and meaningful to learners. Ikwuzom opined that instructional materials and methods enables the teacher to widen the experiences of his students. This is done by exposing the students into a variety of experiences that would enable them see things that exist outside their immediate environment.

With the use of films for instance, students see far communities and settlements and how people lie there. Thus, when students see things they could not have seen without instructional materials, their experiences will be broaden and depend.

Social studies on its own is very rich in instructional materials and methods for its effectiveness. This is true because the whole environment of man with all the things in it constitute the laboratory for social studies.

The dynamic nature of social studies education makes it paramount for the teachers of social studies to use instructional materials to enable the students quickly relate their classroom to the environment they live in and interact.

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Effects of instructional material on academic performace of students

instructional materials as making learning concrete and real, substitutesone thing for another, allows the students to participate in the production of materials, economical and .

effect of instructional materials on academic achievement of students in mathematics. Effects of instrumental materials on student's academic performance.

Social studies in selected secondary schools in Nigeria - Kenobi Krukru - Bachelor Thesis - Sociology - Children and Youth - Publish your bachelor's or master's thesis, dissertation, term paper or essay the effect of instructional material on students’ academic. educational performance of students in Integrated Science.

Effects of instructional material on academic performace of students

Significance of the study This study: i. Determined, for the first time, the extent to which the use of instructional materials effects students‟ performance in Integrated Science.

ii. The study aimed at examining the effects of economics instructional materials on the learning and teaching of economics as well the effects of these instructional materials on the academic performance of some secondary school students in some selected secondary schools in Isolo Local Government Area of Lagos state.

The effects of instructional materials on the academic performance of secondary school student