Essay on southwest airline

Southwest completes testing of potential employees to make sure they align with these values Krames, Senior management clearly sees their culture as a competitive advantage and the passion it generates on the part of employees delivering exceptionally high and consistent levels of service Rhoades,

Essay on southwest airline

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Southwest Airlines Essay Sample

Southwest Airline Case Study BUS Writing Assignment The paper is about how the airline company named as the Southwest Airlines has been able to cater to the needs of the customers while still holding a greater market share in the Airline industry specifically during the economic crises phase.

As a high — contact service provider, how does Southwest Airlines ensure that its employees satisfy the customer? As far as the employee training is concerned, the employees are extensively trained so as such to ensure that they are able to satisfy the arising concerns and needs of the customers effectively and efficiently.

They are actually made to practically exercise resolving complaints and other service problems on the spot. One-on-one communication and query handling requires good communication and interpersonal skills to ensure the supreme satisfaction of the customers and their complaints.

Otherwise; the demand for their product will eventually die out. The product that this airline is offering is a travel solution for the customers; with the standards set as the low airfares and high service standards.

They provide attentive service to the customers in the sky and on the ground and see every flight as an opportunity to underpin and reinforce its reputation for a friendly service that caters to all the flight related concerns of the employees.

Another point mentioned in the case is that this Southwest Airlines has a mission statement as: A cultural committee is appointed at the headquarters that enables to keep the service spirit alive.

Moreover for every airport, they have these committees that ensure service spirit eventually upgrading the customer service area.

Furthermore, there are maintenance facilities available across the country. The services of the employees are appraised as per performance and their relationship with customers. Actually these achievements are celebrated for that employee especially who provides outstanding service.

This helps in employee retention and satisfaction to remain as a part of that network. Moreover an example can be quoted from the case itself that; the events or the employee appreciation are held around the country such as incoming flight passengers surprisingly with the crew members bringing along the cookies and milk.

This shows a small gesture of appreciation and employee motivation.

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The concept of team work and tolerance is one of the most important concepts to be inculcated in the people who are being hired for serving the customers. Only those people are hired who can communicate, correspond and behave in a friendly manner and work cooperatively with their colleagues.

What experience qualities might weigh most heavily in customers evaluations of the services delivered by the Southwest Airlines?

Actually from the perspective of the customer, it is the product that holds the greatest importance; however the product placement along with the services is the best combination to attract a bunch of customers.

Essay on southwest airline

Mainly there are two important things that help a company to remain at a competitive position in the market; cost leadership and differentiation.

Basically Southwest Airlines is catering to both these requirements to strengthen its stature in the market as one of the most competitive airlines. The Southwest airline was able to control their fuel costs and gained a greater market share while most of its competitors had to shrink their schedules and eventually tightening their belts.

It was usually seen that the competitive airlines have been facing the issue of high fuel rates and eventually the lower demand, because they are forced to charge extra fee from the customers for checking baggage and other services.

However, Southwest Airline has tried to manage the lower costs and avoids charging extra fee for every facility and has offered a bundled service pack, as compared to the competitors; who have been unbundling the price and product. Bundling gives an edge to accommodate some of the extra charges and help the company as well as the customers.

However since the seats are not reserved thus the airline also gives the chance to the passengers to jump forward on the flight, but for this service an amount is charged.

Some suggestions will be enhancing the expenditure on the advertisements and more promotional activities. The concentration on the actual and the augmented product will help the company in giving something extra and different to the customers.

Cutting the costs and lowering prices will help in maintaining the customer demand for the brand product.Essay Southwest Airlines Case Analysis. Southwest History Rollin King marched into Herb Kelleher’s law office with a plan to start a low-cost/low-fare airline that would shuttle passengers between San Antonio, Dallas, and Houston.

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Southwest Airlines in Culture, Values, and Operating Practices Summary Southwest Airlines was founded by Herb Kelleher in to provide low-cost service between Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio. Although the U.S. airline industry had lost money in 15 of the 30 years between and , Southwest has reported profit every year since Disclaimer: is an custom paper writing service company that writes custom essay papers, custom dissertation papers, custom term papers, custom thesis papers, custom research papers, project proposals, homework help, assignments, and other custom papers for revision purposes.

However, the custom papers may be used when well. Southwest Airlines "Our success in no way depends on the failure. of anybody else, but on our own achievements" Southwest Airlines. Introduction: The history of the Southwest Airlines is the story of 32 years of hard work and dedication.

Southwest Airline’s strategy has allowed it to sustain profitability, “financial success and tremendous growth since its starts as a small regional airline serving only intrastate flights within Texas” 6.

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