Ex1 lab report

The resulting Exchange Server test lab demonstrates Exchange Server as an intranet email server. Individual computers are needed to separate the services provided on the network and to clearly show the desired functionality. This configuration is neither designed to reflect best practices nor does it reflect a desired or recommended configuration for a production network.

Ex1 lab report

Ex1 lab report

We set a capture filter "ip host We saved the file in ex3c. It looks like the time interval is determined by measuring the time between the previous captured frame and the displayed frame.

IP packets all have their specified destinations. ARP request packets could also be sent to a broadcast address "ff: Therefore, ARP request packets are not encapsulated.

There are two network interfaces of PC1.

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They are eth0 and eth1. Both of them have MTU values of There are IP packets received and delivered. There are IP packets sent out. There are ICMP messages received and sent.

Ex1 lab report

There are TCP segments received. There are TCP segments sent out. There are UDP packets received. There are UDP packets sent out. The loopback interface lo is a virtual network interface implemented in software only and is not connected to any hardware. It is fully integrated into the computer system's internal network infrastructure.

Any traffic that a computer program sends to the loopback interface is immediately received on the same interface. One is the packets that are received. The other one is the packets that are sent. For each device, for example eth0, it describes the link type, the hardware address MAC addressIP address, net mask and the packets sending and receiving information.

Once the first connection was made, PC3 rejected the second connection because the second connection's MAC address did not match the MAC address sent with the first response. The ARP cache was updated on PC3 once the first connection was made, and that's how it later determined the second connection was from an invalidly responding PC.

We issued a series of ping commands. We saved the output as ex7abc. They are "network is not reachable". We didn't save these error messages, which we probably should've done.Yu Cheng (Jade) ICS Lab Report 1 September 14 [Exercise 1] We ran tcpdump on PC1.

We pinged PC2 in another terminal window. We saved the output of the command `tcpdump -n -l host | tee ex1 . Lab 5: Least Squares. By the end of this lesson you will be able to: Factor a symmetric matrix using the Cholesky decomposition. Use MATLAB to find the best polynomial fit to a set of data points.

LAB05_ex1.m, ashio-midori.com; The lab report must be submitted in pdf format. Financial reports and SEC filings for Data I/O, NASDAQ DAIO, K, Q, Proxy, designs, manufacturers and sells programming equipment Flash devices and microcontrolles.

Nov 16,  · SPD Lab 10 Ex1 Video Sze Wai Wong. Loading Unsubscribe from Sze Wai Wong? Need to report the video? Sign in to report inappropriate content. Sign in. Add translations. Experiment 1: The Effect of pH on a Food Preservative Name: Section Number and Date: Section 2, August 28th Introduction Fresh Food Inc.

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