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Heretical essays in the

The Heretical Poet Greg Saxon The purpose of this research is to discuss heretical elements in the poetry of Anne Bradstreet This is not to imply that Bradstreet was a heretic in the sense that American religious reformer Anne Hutchinson was. Hutchinson emigrated to Boston in and preached a doctrine of salvation through intuitive apprehension of grace rather than by works, and attacked the rigid moral and legal codes of New England Puritanism.

Anne Bradstreet accepted the tenets of Puritanism and was a very religious person. Anti-Puritan themes are, however, to be found in her poetry in terms of her religious doubts, her expression of personal emotions and thoughts, and her artistry.

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She did not write to preach or teach, as Puritan writers were instructed to, but to express herself. It is this personal expression that forms the basis of the heretical elements in her poetry. To understand why personal expression may be considered heretical, the society in which Bradstreet lived and wrote must be examined in order Heretical essays in the comprehend what kinds of human activities and behaviors were acceptable and how Bradstreet deviated from these behaviors.

Bradstreet was not truly unorthodox in that she did not dissent from accepted beliefs and doctrine. She was a woman of the 17th Century and lived in a male dominated, intensely religious society. She lived within the limitations not only of the beliefs and standards of her society, but of her sex.

Puritanism was more than a religious belief; it was a way of life. Aside from a literal belief in the Bible, Puritans wholly accepted the doctrines of John Calvin and his stern legalistic theology.

The Puritans held that religion should permeate every phase of living. The Colony set up by the English Puritans was essentially an experiment in Christian living.

Religion and earning a living were the two priorities of the Puritans of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. In contrast to the Pilgrims, they were well-off and well-educated men, many of whom were professionals and university men as was their first governor John Winthrop Blair However, Puritans did not believe in celibacy but were in favor of wedded love and procreation.

It was also believed that women had a right to expect something more from their husbands than mere duty Morison Puritanism hampered artistic and intellectual activity banning three forms in which the English excelled: New England was founded at a time when almost everyone who could read at all, read poetry, and many attempted to write it.

Poetry in the Massachusetts Bay Colony, like other manifestations of intellectual life in the 17th Century, was dominated by religion.

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Early New England verse was religious both in motive and expression, and for the most part was didactic Morison Anne Bradstreet was one of the two poets of early New England Michael Wigglesworth was the other whose poetry has lasted. Bradstreet was born in Northamptom, England.

Her father Thomas Dudley was steward of the estate of the Earl of Lincoln and it is presumed that she had access to the large Library there, and used it. Unlike most young women, Anne Bradstreet was well educated. Soon after arriving in Massachusetts, Anne wrote: But after I was convinced it was the way of God" Blair The Bradstreets had eight children, and Anne was a devoted wife and mother as well as a busy one.

From he start, however, she made the time to write poetry.

Heretical essays in the

Her early work, as is the early work of most poets, was derivative. Typically, Anne Bradstreet did not seek to have her poetry published as a male poet would have.

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Her early poems were published, however, when her brother-in-law, John Woordbridge, took a manuscript of her poems to London and had them printed in The edition contained many errors, and was the inspiration for a poem on the subject by Bradstreet.

Her first book of poem, The Tenth Muse, was the only book printed during her lifetime.

Heretical essays in the

A second edition of her poetry, "Several Poems compiled with great variety of Wit and Learning, full of Delight" edited by one of her sons was printed six years after her death in Many of her best poems, which her son did not publish as too intimate, remained in manuscript until the 19th Century Morison She wrote of daily experiences, her love for her children and husband, the beautiful New England landscape, the small pleasures of life and domesticity.Heretical Essays is Patocka's final work, and one of his most exciting and iconoclastic.

Patocka begins with prehistory, approached through the "natural world" as conceived by Husserl and Heidegger. According to Patocka, nature is as an alien construct, and history, which began as a quest.

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