How to write a travel blog and make money

Your travel blog requires a tremendous amount of effort just to get off the ground… … but once you do get it off the ground, it gets easier and easier and hopefully reaches orbit where it practically moves itself. But I must warn you: While some monetization methods work great for everyone — creating your own products, for example — others like public speaking gigs are more of a personal preference. So in this spirit, here are 7 smart ways to make money with your travel site:

How to write a travel blog and make money

Can you make money travel blogging? The digital nomad life Before we get started, a word of advice. Making money from a travel blog is perfectly possible and lots of people do it successfully, some in the six digit range that is a minimum of USD8, a month including myself on most months.

But most people who do so have diversified their portfolio significantly. This is perhaps the most important thing to remember. Contrary to regular jobs where one employer will pay your salary, being in the digital world and trying to make a living off a digital property like a blog requires you to diversify tremendously because most of the revenue streams are unpredictable and constantly changing.

For example, if your income is mostly coming from ads and, suddenly, the platform which serves ads on your website decides to change its policy your income could go down to zero. If you rely exclusively on selling Amazon products and suddenly Amazon stops working with the third party seller that you were advertising, your income could go down to zero.

You get the gist. Depending on one revenue source in a world that is rapidly evolving is not a good idea. You need to hustle and you need to diversify. Most people will have their toes on at least different areas to guarantee a minimum income every month.

The other element derived from the above is that most bloggers have very erratic revenue profiles. It is related to the fact that this is an ever changing landscape, but also to the effect of one-off types of work that come and go.

This is perhaps the scariest part of taking the leap and making money from a travel blog full time: Not knowing how much you will make every month. Misconceptions of a blogging career Almost every single blogger will tell you this: Working online is tough and it requires an incredible level of commitment and very long hours.

Not because you see a photo a day from a blogger where he or she is having fun somewhere does it mean that this is how they spent the entire day. Heck, most times, the photo may have been taken at another point and when you see it posted the person is probably behind a laptop typing away.

My friends would often ask me whether I had a job and how come I spent my days traveling, because my social media profiles seemed to indicate so. They showed me traveling and having fun every day, so they thought that this was my daily life.

Let me reveal a dirty little secret from all travel bloggers. We may travel for 3 days then be home for two weeks just working non-stop, 15h days.I have been meaning to write this post for a long time. Like many other bloggers, I frequently get asked how travel bloggers make others, though, this is not the first question people ask me because until the beginning of , I had a full time job at Google so the curiosity was never towards.

I don’t write articles about how to be successful at blogging often because this is a consumer travel website not a blogging website, but I’ve seen a lot of articles on travel blogging lately, which have many points I disagree with and I think offer bad advice.

how to write a travel blog and make money

Real news, curated by real humans. Packed with the trends, news & links you need to be smart, informed, and ahead of the curve. Darren Cronian, the man behind ultra-successful Travel Rants blog and organiser of Travel BlogCamp (next one in Leeds this summer), says: "My tip would be to write about a topic that you are.

If you are already a travel blogger, you’ll be used to writing just for the fun of it. We do it because we love blogging, creating content, and every blog post we write can support a career we believe in. how to make money from travel blogging.

The first thing to know is that it can’t happen overnight, but it CAN happen if you work really hard at it. Blogs that make money have usually built up quality content over a year before they start making money, sometimes 6 months if they are working extra hard.

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