I belive that sometimes dreams can

Read More -Tired everyday for most parts of the day excluding a few minutes to an hour after waking up where I can sometimes feel relatively energetic -I have vivid dreams very often, even though I only sleep for 10 - 5 minutes i can still get them. During this time I have strange thoughts momentarily and often auditory hallucinations.

I belive that sometimes dreams can

A support for my daily routine. As you probably already know if you read my last post, I'm not a very positive person and the bad vibes are always around me.

These things make me feel sad, lonely and sometimes a bit depressing. So that's why I admire positive people who are always in a good mood and never gives up. I related the good mood with faith. I think that who believes in something is happier and see life through different eyes. So I decided to belive too.

For the rest of society I am a Christian and I don't want to change that because I think it is part of my culture and I'm so proud of this religion like any other. I respect all different cultures and religions, but to be honest, I was looking for something more spiritual. I decided to investigate a little about all religions and I liked Hinduism.

I belive that sometimes dreams can

I'm not a Hindu, I know, but I liked this religion because there are many gods and goddesses and you can choose the one you want. I read about the most important gods and found the goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of fortune, women, fertility and happiness. I enjoyed all these features and I think she's the most cheerful goddess.

What I liked is that Lakshmi is very easy to follow and I dont need to a lot of stuff to pray her. The only thing I need to pray her is a mantra a song, or some poem or prayand also a picture of her, which in my case I carry in my phone.

Hinduism say that at the moment you start praying Lakhsmi you know the happines. I think the word "hapiness" is such a big word, but I can say that everytime I pray her just sometimes because I don't use to have enough time I feel more complete and possitive with myself and I think that I'm not alone at all.

So yes, I can say that I belive in Lakshmi, it is as if she convey me good vibes and energy. This is just my point of view and my experience with religion, I don't want to make nobody ofended, becauseA dream dosnt become reality through magic, it takes sweet determination and hard work every great dream begins with dreamer.

All her dreams might come true if she has the courage to pursue them.

I belive that sometimes dreams can

Deep into the darkness, peering, long she stood there, wondering, fearing, and doubting dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dreamed before. I have realised that you must hold on to your dreams before they are taken out of your hand by negative people. More importantly, I have learnt that your must turn your dreams into .

I Believe That Dreams Can Come True, Seattle, Washington. 4, likes · 1 talking about this. A project to collect, share, and inspire dreams of humanity. Nov 30,  · yes i believe that our dreams mean something but only sometimes, not always.

because its a kind of ashio-midori.com can be about the our day. but some people especially special people can see the future in their dreams. in some cultures in history people believe dreams and they organise their future. for example Ottomans used to . Sep 21,  · Sometimes, I keep on dreaming the same dream and it is actually a very frightening one.

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This dream is one of all that I believe tries to convey a warning so that I am prepared to face a great hurdle in my life. I am not afraid.

It keeps me alert. May 30,  · "I BELIEVE THAT DREAMS CAN COME TRUE" is a community project, taken on by Tay and Val, with the intentions to: Spread the belief that dreams can come true Share stories of people's personal dreams Inspire dreams.

As film-makers, our dream is .

Believe in Yourself (And Why Nothing Will Work If You Don't)