Important of love in our life

As the movie unfolds we watch him suffer loss, rejection, fear, friendship, hope and love. These are the echoes in their minds that form their identity. During the very critical years when a child should feel the most protected, loved and nurtured these children experience overwhelming loss and upheaval. Instability breeds uncertainty which develops into deep-seated anxiety and fear.

Important of love in our life

You feel this in your heart. Let all be done through love.

Important of love in our life

In our culture, we think of love as mushy and weak, even helpless. Yet, love is our true nature. Love is mighty and powerful to awaken, transform, and even bring healing.

Through love we receive understanding, mercy, joy, and forgiveness. Through love most all our emotional needs are met. Through love we feel worthy and valid. Through love we serve a higher purpose and unite in a higher calling.

Important of love in our life

As we allow love to lead the way, we are given vision how to do it better. We gather information about war, important events, cause and effects of successes and downfalls.

Through love we find our sense of belonging. It may not come through the form of family, but through others who are close to you and who you care about and who show up for you. We operate best when we move through our days with love and goodwill, which allow us to release fear, hurt feelings, and negativity.

Love gives deeper meaning to everything. When we feel loved we feel most alive. Love is worth our time, focus, effort, and prayers. Dear Divine Love, help me to love, to live courageously and powerfully with love, with a heart ready to pour love to myself and others.

Help me to love freely without condition or requirement of receiving. Help me to give them love even if through a smile or a simple word or thought. Help me to make a better world through my love. Help me to care and to grow more caring and to carry love in my heart and show love in my actions in how I treat others and how I allow them to treat me.

Help me to be cleansed of all reluctance to love: Let Love wash over me and clean me of all that is holding me back. I want to love!Many other passages could be stated that show the importance of love.

In upcoming articles, we will note some of these as we thoroughly examine this subject. In our next article, we will notice love in the various relationships in the life of a Christian.

Aug 14,  · Love is very important in our ashio-midori.comt love there is no's love in our childhood and spouse's love when we are married and our children's love & care when we get is the reason love is very important in our life.

About Bjarte Bakke. Management Consultant with a passion for life & health. Love experiencing all life has to offer and making an impact in the lives of others. All of this applies to gay children as well, who feel rejected, left out, sometimes disowned by their families and school collectives as less worthy, not adequate or not normal, or being considered a disappointment (won’t be able to give grand children), etc.

God is the most important thing ever! He created all the things on this list if you think about it.


That is true. God is the only person who loves for real. Satan can't defeat god. AMEN! BEST THING I HAVE EVER READ IN MY LIFE!

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Why Is Love Important – Importance of Love in Life