Indian fmcg case study

However, one of the key drawbacks in the literature is the lack of formal evidence referring to these FMCG companies. A benefit Segmentation Approach, he mentions that the first segmentation study was conducted in for Procter and Gamble. By the late s and early s, market segmentation studies had become rampant, which was the period when the majority of literature was written on this topic. Interestingly it seems that this early literature was written primarily from a FMCG perspective, whereas current literature is based on the Telecom and Banking industries.

Indian fmcg case study

Indian fmcg case study

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Case for Undergraduates The Sukhoi Superjet A Move to Capture the Emerging Market?Situation: Knowledgefaber did in-depth study on sales structure of FMCG industry in India Total of 25 tier-1 and tier-2 cities across length and breadth of India were studied to understand various aspects related with the sales force of FMCG industry in India like split across various regional.

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Dabur India Ltd- A Case Study Presented by: Snehal Soni N Pankaj Nagpal N 37 Ajay Dhamija N 1 Vandana Gupta N 58 Dhruv Suri N Dabur India Ltd- A Case Study Presented by: Snehal Soni N Pankaj Nagpal N 37 Ajay Dhamija N 1 Vandana Gupta N 58 Dhruv Suri N17 Indian Fast Moving Consumer Goods Industry SWAROOP PANDAO.


Indian fmcg case study

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case of an Indian FMCG company Figure 2 Distribution System for the Case Study (li = lead time in days at stage i) The system can be generalized across all the depots and distributors.

The dairy has excess production capacity, and has been excluded from the study.

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