Market segmentation of lays chips

Who is the target customer? Who are the main competitors? How is the brand similar to the competition? How is the brand different from the competition?

Market segmentation of lays chips

Targeting As mentioned in the 'Competition post', the market share of Lays Chips is declining due to increased competition. To keep up the sales, it should continue portraying itself as the youth brand, as it is the biggest consumption group.

Also it can beef up its distribution channels to ensure uninterrupted supply, it can build consumer groups in rural areas too. It has been observed that several pack sizes or flavors are not available at a given point of time at a store. Also, due to continuous mobility and migration, people move from one place to another, there they look for their favorite flavors, the company must ensure that all the variants are available every time.

Positioning It refers to customer's perception of the place a product or brand occupies in a market segment.

More often, positioning involves the differentiation of the company's offering from the competition by making or implying a comparison in terms of specific attributes.

The biggest difference is in terms of the reach and distribution Lays has. It is available everywhere anytime, with exceptions of course. It introduces new flavours which only Bingo has been able to do so far. It has well known brand ambassadors and sponsors cricket events.

It has campaigns, contests and prizes, which any other potato chip brand doesn't.


The amount that goes into advertising is undisclosed but it goes without saying that it run into millions. This unknown staggering amount is responsible for aggressive marketing of Lays.

Marketing Strategies As just mentioned, the ad spend or the marketing budget runs into millions or even more than that. PepsiCo can afford to indulge in further marketing processes.Market Segmentation Of Frito Lays Chips.

Market segmentation of lays chips

FRITO LAYS CHIPS. BACKGROUND AND ENVIRONMENT The Frito-Lay company is a $13 billion subsidiary of PepsiCo that employs 48, people.

Putting the "Class" back in Classic

They are a nationally recognized leader in the manufacture and marketing of salty snack foods. Segmentation is the division of the market into various homogenous groups with similar needs and wants.

MARKET SEGMENTATION Lay’s Classic Potato Chips targets the . Frito Lay is a leader in the dip market but since there are many competitors in the market the company decided to penetrate the vegetable dip segment.W.

Market segmentation of lays chips

In this paper. Frito-Lay brands account for 59% of the U. Inc. Frito Lay refers to the division of PepsiCo Inc.4/4(1). Lays Chips:Their Marketing Mix Introduction Lays Chips are a delicious and quick snack to eat whenever and wherever. In this project, I will be investigating how Lays Chips sells their product with the 4 P's and the 2 C's.

The European Savoury Snack Market Savoury snacks are enjoyed by consumers of all ages across Europe being consumed at various eating occasions. In France for example they are enjoyed as an aperitif whilst in Germany they are eaten as part of a meal or on social occasions with family and friends.

Major branded players include Frito-Lay, Bingo, Haldiram, Balaji, Parle Potato Chips and Potato based items account for 85 percent of the total snacks segment. MARKET SHARE Frito-Lay As per Nielsen Audit, in , Frito-Lay's share in the Rs. crore organised snack market in India was 58%4/4(5).

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