Organisational values case study on poundland

Hire Writer In this report the organization values are critically analysed and the impact on the employee are also nalysed. The importances of organization values are explored and the impact of the values on the Business is analysed. Poundland has six organization values. This report will evaluate the values and impact on the employee and the result on the business.

Organisational values case study on poundland

Organisational Values case study on Poundland Organisational Values case study on Poundland 7 July Management Organizational values serve many purposes.

It sets the tone of the environment, bonds people together, facilitates work behaviour and achievement of shared goals. It also represent the ambitions that people hold for the organization as a living system because values define who and what each person has to offer as a human being to the overall enterprise.

Organizational values have been shown to be critical variables in the decision by firms to adopt environmental initiatives. The value thus has an influence around the individual making a healthy environment around him and binds people.

The second author says that the values are critical element in making a decision to adopt environmental initiatives. Thus the values serve as an important environmental element to set a better place to work in the organization.

Thus enabling work behaviour in a healthy manner and achieving the organizational goal together. The researcher says that the individual have a bond with the organization, since the individual have been influenced by the values.

This may result in, that the individual from moving out of the organization. Organizational values more supportive of balance also reported greater joy in work, less job stress, greater satisfaction with their jobs, careers and family, less intent to quit, fewer symptoms and higher levels of emotional well being.

The researcher says that the values make a balance in work pressure and satisfaction. The value increases the greater joy in work and simultaneously decreases the job stress in the organization. Thus these result in that an individual finds it hard to leave the organization.

The importances of the organizational values are discussed by the researcher. These values make a healthy environment in and around the individual in an organization.

Thus result in the individual to have a bond between the employees in the organization. The values discipline the individual to make a sensible environment to work and have a peace of mind.

The values give a greater job satisfaction and allowing the individual to have less stress at work.

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The individual have less intent to quit since he or she is enjoying the time they spend in the organization. Six Organizational Values of Poundland: The organizational values are detail discussed and the importances of values are highlighted.

There are numerous values from different organization. For this research six values are discussed in this topic. Poundland has six values and these are discussed using literature. Based on service related literature, the authors indicate that empowerment, service training, and service rewards are positively related to job satisfaction and organizational commitment.

Empowerment is a key factor to enhance job satisfaction and organizational commitment of contact employees, because thereby they obtain the flexibility to make on the spot decision. An effective training program also affects service providers job environment satisfaction and also increase their organizational commitment.

The researcher says that for better service, and customer satisfaction, empowerment and service training are needed. It has been found that the qualities considered most important by organizational customers are competitiveness, reliability and adaptability.

The researcher points the importance of understanding the customer requirement to provide a better service and the adaptability to change to situation. IF the requirement is received an accurate solution can be given and this will increase the customer service.

This will promote the brand name, fame and reputation of the organisation. The organisation always wants it values to kept it simple, so it easy to understand and follow them. The values must be designed in such a way that the least individual will be eligible to follow it without any difficulty.

This will result in individual performance and in the environment around him or her. So simplicity of the values is really important, that this can be implemented easily in any environment and effective result can be obtained.

Treating organization as Your Own: Treating organisation wealth as your own wealth, this will result in proper maintenance of the organisation.

If a loose happens to the organisation, if this value is influence on an individual, he or she will automatically find a solution for the problem and try to recover from the fall. So these make the environment to trust each other and make the work place stress free. Recognise and celebrate success:Organization Values Case Study On Poundland Table of content CONTENT PAGE NO 1.

Executive Summary 3 2. Introduction 4 3. A.) Poundland 4 4.

Organisational values case study on poundland

B.) Organizational Values of Poundland 4 5. C.) Research Question 4 6. D.) Research Aim 5 7 E.) Research Objective 5 8. Case Studies Poundland It now has over stores nationwide covering most of the nation’s high streets featuring a selections of the nation’s best loved brands at just £1 each.

From Words to Action – Bringing Organisational Values to Life In BlueShore Financial embarked on a journey that would significantly change the organisation. They began a rebranding and redefining process, with the vision of becoming a boutique financial institution. Organisational Values case study on Poundland.

or any similar topic specifically for you. Do Not Waste Your Time. HIRE WRITER. Six Organizational Values of Poundland: The organizational values are detail discussed and the importances of values are highlighted. This report will provide an insight on the Organisational culture of Aldi, and provide a possible methodology for organisational culture change.

Organisational Values case study on Poundland ; Review the Impact That Selected Theories of Management and Leadership Have on Organisational Strategy ; popular culture ; Previous Post. This values had a greater impact on every individual working in Poundland, this motivated in choosing this topic for the research.

The real secret behind the success of Poundland is this strategy of implementing the organizational value in an effective way. C.) Research Question: This research is.

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