The downfall of eugenics essay

The goal of eugenics was the improvement of the human species through the careful selection of parents.

The downfall of eugenics essay

Free Essay on Eugenics Eugenics focused on the idea that the heredity was everything. How relevant is such a perspective in relation to criminality today? This paper focuses on aspects of eugenics as an element that has for a long time in history been considered as paramount in controlling human reproduction.

The paper addressed the various eugenic practice in the late 19th century and early 20th century, as well as in the contemporary world, particularly in the western hemisphere.

The main reasons why certain human racial groups embrace the use of this practice are also addressed. The relevance of eugenics to the various societies used, in relation to criminality today, are widely discussed in this paper.

Eugenics is a scheme that is widely used to enhance an improved human race through a controlled reproduction. This is a practice that became common, reaching much popularity between the late 19th century and the Second World War Glassp.

The downfall of eugenics essay

A good example of the wide use of eugenic principles was when the German Nazis carried massive sterilization and genocide. Other eugenics forms have been practiced across the universe and are effective in contemporary China, where the population is strictly limited.

History of Eugenics

Major advancements research in medicine such as the human genome project, the society, is still striving to resolve various issues of ethics emerging from eugenic theories Glassp. Eugenics is the practice and theory that has been used to improve the generic quality of the human population; it is a social philosophy which advocates genetic traits of humanity, by promoting higher reproduction of individuals with certain desired traits and reducing people of less desired traits Weikartp.

Positive eugenics encourage higher reproduction of individuals while negative eugenics is viewed as an undermining factor to humanity, because individuals perceived to belong to such category face the risk of being killed as a way of elimination. Elimination of individuals in regard to traits of race and ethnicity has commonly been used in mass murder of certain populations in Europe and North America Weikartp.

Chapter 4: The Rise and Fall of Eugenics (sample)

For instance, the genocide of the native Indians in the North American regions is a good example of racial profiling emerging from eugenic ideologies. Eugenics considered the heredity as everything and many individuals did not want certain traits to be passed to the succeeding generation.

Certain traits were considered inferior by some groups and faced the risk of being eliminated. In the early 20th century, social Darwinist viewed medical care as relatively weak and an increased ability to survive, contrary to letting nature take its due course of effective elimination of people Weikartp.

Such ideologies emerging from particular sub-racial groups in Germany expressed how eugenics were considered as everything. From one region to another, the mode of reaching the conclusion that a group was inferior highly varied.

The downfall of eugenics essay

Support for eugenics in the early 20th century was common across various regions of the world, especially in North America and Europe. There were movements across diverse regions in support of eugenics, openly supporting more birth rates of the fittest individuals and less for the unfit Ferguson,p.

For instance, a movement leader in the United States, Margaret Sanger declared more children from the fit and less for the unfit as the key issue of controlled birth rate Ferguson,p. This concept by Sanger was readily accepted by communities across the US during the first decade of the 20th century.

Bya total of 34 states in the US had already passed laws that rightly denied insane people the right of marriage. Nine states denied epileptic people the right of marriage while 15 states banned the mentally challenged people from marrying each other.

Eugenic ideologies became more common throughout the period before the Second World War. Western Europe was characterized by similar eugenic ideologies with criminal justices of various European countries completely in support of such eugenic reasoning.

The unfit groups were not protected by the judges and did not have the rights of marriage in most cases. The proponents of eugenics commonly played a major role in nationalistic fears of diluted stock of race. In Europe, issues of race were used in eugenic profiling barring various sub racial groups in the region from multiplying.

The US mainly held eugenic ideologies in regard to common disabilities such as mental and physical challenges. Prior to the Second World War, leading physicians and biologists welcomed an idea by Hitler, one race at the epitome of the new state of Germany Marrusp.

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This resulted into concentration camps as well as genetic research on human beings that defined the Holocaust.Probability, the Foundation of Eugenics; and Local Associations for Promoting Eugenics. Sir Francis Galton (–), was an English Victorian polymath, anthropologist, eugenicist, tropical explorer, geographer, inventor, meteorologist, proto-geneticist, pyschometrician, statistician and founder of the science of eugenics.

Mar 03,  · Eugenics is the ideal that human behaviors are determined by single genes Mandi & Biology. Skip to content. About; Eugenics Paper. Eugenics Research Paper. Is perfection a reality? Can we really get a “perfect” human? Is is determined by your genes?

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Eugenics can be considered an answer to these questions. “The downfall of Eugenics came when reformers began to use it as a program of social control, promoting government intervention and coercion in human reproduction.” Masturbation was once seen as degenerative disease that led to widespread application of the eugenic principles.

Eugenics in Michigan persons were considered for sterilization. The thought was that by sterilizing the ‘unfit’ and the minorities, the worst genes would be eliminated, . The scientific reputation of eugenics started to decline in the s, a time when Ernst Rüdin used eugenics as a justification for the racial policies of Nazi Germany.

Eugenics’ Decline Mainline eugenics became a mainstay of racism in the United States, and it was used as a rationalization for the Nazi Holocaust, but by the early s, its popularity in .

Chapter 4: The Rise and Fall of Eugenics (sample)